Paying your caregiver for holidays and time off

November 25, 2014

You may still need the services of these individuals over the holidays, or you may not, depending on what you're doing, who has time off, etc. You may choose to have your housekeeper come on their regular day of the week and do their usual duties so that you can spend more time with your loved ones. Or you might have your pet sitter come and check on the house while you're away visiting family while they're also caring for your pets. However, the full-time services of your nanny or caregiver may not be needed. What then?

Remember that your nanny/caregiver has family and friends too, and he/she may want to have time off to spend with them, or travel closer to them over the holidays. This should be arranged ahead of time so you can plan accordingly. Therefore, you can't expect that they'll be available to work, so if you do need them for anything in particular, discuss their plans ahead of time, and have a back-up plan ready if they're not available.

Across Canada, workers have certain statutory days off for holidays. These vary between provinces, so you should check your for your province's Employment Standards to see what applies to your area. Generally, employees are entitled to certain days off with pay. If they work on one of these days, they are paid either additional wages, or get another day off with pay in lieu of working on the holiday.

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