No More Honey Boo Boo!

September 19, 2012

I am not a very popular person in my house these days. I have officially banned Honey Boo Boo from our TV.

This all came about when I heard hysterical laughter coming from my living room. As I am a natural fun-seeker, I wandered in to check out the family fun. I sat down next to my daughters and see that they are completely mesmerized by the TV.

There, I see a very cute, chubby girl with Shirley Temple hair dressed in a half shirt. She is on stage, strutting her stuff, and her very overweight mother is dancing and making different faces toward the girl.

It is clear to me that there are a lot of issues with pageant shows and the mothers of the children. My issue is with TLC, who as I watch the show, is very clearly making fun of this family, even to the point of showing the mother eat with subtitles on screen when she speaks. I think the subtitles aren't necessary as she is speaking English.

I allowed the show to end, silently watching with my daughters. I asked them why they like this show. They explained that the mother and 'Honey Boo Boo' say the funniest things. I point out that when the mother speaks, she isn't, in fact, trying to be funny, and by laughing at what she says, they are actually laughing at her.

I would love to say that my daughters agreed and voluntarily decided not to watch the show anymore, that isn't the case. They explained that  all  their friends watch the show and it is funny. My youngest daughter, 10, then pipes up and says, "All the shows on TLC are like this!" After exploring the channel listings, it does appear that there are a few that have taken 'reality television' to a new level, although there are a few that are educational and worthwhile.

So, there is no more  Honey Boo Boo or other pageant shows in our house. What about your home? Have you banned any shows (or even channels)?

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