Nanny Wage, Raises, and Vacation Time

June 16, 2009

We received this question from a parent a few weeks ago, and I thought I would post my thoughts here, so that anyone else in this situation can think about it. Feel free to comment!

“When we hired our Vancouver nannywe provided her with a fair wage and two weeks vacation. She has now been with us for two years and we have provided her with steady raises and added another week’s vacation.  Although we want to show her that we appreciate her, we are worried about continuing with raises and vacation”

Like any other position, a nanny’s vacation time is often capped. You do not need to provide her with an extra week vacation every year she works for you – especially if you yourself do not receive that type of holiday time at work. If your nanny asks for more vacation time, be honest and explain why this really is not possible for your family. Maybe you can come up with a compromise that suits her needs, as well as your own. Parents often do provide their nanny with annual raises; these raises can be an increase in their hourly wage, or an extra $10.00 per week. You can also show her that you appreciate her by buying her a small gift for no reason, or getting her spa gift certificate. Remember to always praise your nanny for her hard work and recognize her… this doesn't always have to be monetary.

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