Nanny Raise - When, Why, How?

February 22, 2012

Your nanny is a very important person in your family’s life. She provides your family with stability, your children with love and guidance, and you with relief everyday. If you are comfortable with her and she is providing you with all these things, you should let her know how much you are pleased with her!

If you want to show her how much you appreciate her, a raise is the perfect message. There are three main reasons you would provide your nanny with a raise:

  • She has worked for you for more that a year - like most employees, nannies expect a raise after one year of employment. In fact, you risk losing her if you do not consider this. 
  • Great performance - if your nanny is great and you go to work everyday thanking your lucky stars that she is with your family, then keep her happy and reward her with a pay increase.
  • She personally asks you for a raise - consider the above points before agreeing to a raise, but if she's asking, it's time to think about it.

Providing a nanny with a raise is the perfect opportunity to show her how you feel about her, and to perhaps evaluate her job to determine if there is anything that can be added or changed that will better your family and the nanny.

We recommend that you meet with her without the children present. Tell her all the wonderful things she provides to your family and, if there are things that need to be improved upon, let her know at this time. During this meeting, allow her time to discuss how she is feeling about the job and if she has any issues. When telling her about her wage increase, make sure she knows its based on her performance, not her length of employment.

Keep in mind that a nanny who feels appreciated will have the incentive to keep up the good work and to improve, which will help your family and keeps everyone happy.

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