Nanny Abuse

September 1, 2011

I must say, like many people I was sickened by the news of Shweyga Mullah, a nanny for the Gaddafi family, who was brutally abused by Aline, Gaddafi's wife. The reason for the abuse was that Mullah had refused to beat one of the children for crying.

Unfortunately, this type of abuse does not just occur in the Middle East. We have seen examples here in Canada, none quite that extreme, but still present. Often the victims in Canada are foreign caregivers that are brought here by employment agencies, or organizations claiming they are agencies.

Nannies that come here from foreign countries are looking for a better life. Often they are trying to support their families in their home country. So much is weighing on them to make things work here, that they may tolerate working conditions that are not acceptable, just so they can remain employed and continue to support their family with the ultimate goal of making a better life.

If you are a nanny being abused or you know someone who is, please take action! Here are some links to help you:

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