Nannies and School-Work

September 23, 2014

Many parents of school-aged children require someone with the ability to help their child with the homework they bring home from school. Here are some tips to make this part of your job easier:

Develop a routine that starts right after school

Talk about the day with the child you are taking care of, and allow for some down time. They have just had a full day of school and probably need a break to regroup. This is a great time to have a snack and chat about what happened in their day, and to prepare them for any after-school activities coming next.

If sitting down to do homework is difficult for the child, experiment with different times to find when he or she cooperates best to make the evening run more smoothly.


Think ahead

Mornings are usually a rushed time when children are heading off to school, so you can make this time easier on yourself, the parents, and the kids, by getting ready the night before.

Help the children pack their backpacks and get lunch ready. It is good for the children to be involved in this process, so that they can feel organized and prepared. Be sure they have all the homework and any supplies they may need, so that nothing gets forgotten in the morning.

You can even lay their clothes out to save on time.


Getting up and getting ready

If it is your job to get the child, or children, off to school, then you are probably responsible for the first meal of their day. Feed them a healthy breakfast with fruit and protein to fuel their brains.

Since you've already packed their bags the night before, everything should be in one place, but take a second to double check that they have everything they need (permission slips, lunches, etc).

Now it's time to wish them a good day, and send them off to school!


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