Mother's Day Wish List

May 9, 2013

My family hasn't asked me what I want for Mother's Day this year, so I'm posting this wish list so they know. While I posted something similar in 2009, they still haven't gotten the hint!

Firstof all, although very much appreciated, flowers and gifts are not necessary. A nice card, especially hand-made, is perfect. 

But, here is what I would really love, from sun-up to sun-down:

  • Complete silence until I wake at my leisure
  • All electronics put away for the day
  • Someone else walks the dog and feeds her
  • Coffee and the day's Globe & Mail brought to me in bed

  • A myself with no interruptions
  • Breakfast of fruit with good granola and a poached egg made for me
  • My husband and my daughters will weed the front garden while I enjoy my second cup of coffee
  • A leisurely family walk along the ocean after breakfast
  • Lunch on the beach together...a picnic basket with anything in it

  • An afternoon nap, with anyone who wants to join me (I love naps)
  • Spa time with both daughters at home...
  • ...while my husband prepares a seafood dinner
  • Talk to my two sisters on the phone with no interruptions so we can remember our own mother
  • Look at family albums and videos from the past

  • End the day by reading together as a family in bed

That's it...that's all I want. Family, feel free to refer to this list every year!

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