Looking for Before and After School Care?

August 9, 2012

August is the busiest month for us, and the most common post is for before and/or after school care. This is the most challenging position for families to fill, as many nannies are either looking for full-time work, or are not available for split shifts (working for an hour or so in the morning, then again for a few hours in the afternoon).

If you are a family looking either for before and after school care, or just after school care, please read our tips to make your search straightforward.

Look Early - start looking as soon as possible to have best selection of caregivers, as well as enough time to interview

Look Everywhere - use any available resources to look for care, including community centre bulletin boards and stay-at-home moms

Evaluate Expectations - be sure that the duties you expect match the time they're given and aren't taking their attention away from the children

Expand your Options - perhaps a neighbour can help you for the before school hours, or you hire more than one person to cover your needs

Increased Hours - if you can offer additional hours for housekeeping, you might find someone easier for 4-hours than just 2-3 hours after school

Pay Extra  - some nannies are willing to do a split-shift or shorter hours if the pay makes it worthwhile, so consider paying an above average rate and always compensate for extra costs, like gas and admission fees

Emergency Back-up Plan - have a back-up plan so if the nanny is out sick for the day, you're not scrambling to cover her

Share a Nanny - look for a family in the area that also needs after-school care or only during the day, and use the same nanny so you can either split the costs or give the nanny more hours (information on nanny shares)

If you have questions about your search, or want to discuss your position with one of our skilled staff members, please call 1-866-221-7918. Thank you!

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