Learning My Own Lesson

January 11, 2012

On December 29th, my family and I had a wonderful meal together. Afterwards, I went downstairs to do some late night work. Everything seemed quiet and calm until I heard a loud SCREECH coming from upstairs. My older daughter came screaming downstairs to see me. One look at what she was holding I knew immediately what the issue was. Our 10 pound caramel dog was covered in black chocolate all over her face. My daughter could barely speak, but she managed to tell me, “Lacey is going to die and it all my fault!” My understanding later was that she had left a very large dark chocolate Toblerone bar on her dresser. Our dog jumped up on the nightstand, then pulled the bar off the dresser.

We quickly determined that she had eaten about 50 grams of the chocolate. I immediately called the emergency vet clinic who instructed me that we had about half an hour before the dog would likely be in critical condition. Wearing my shorts, Uggs, my husband’s t-shirt with my hair in a complete disaster, I snatch my keys, pass the crying children and grab my caramel chocolate fur baby.  When I arrive at the hospital, the vet immediately takes the dog from me and places a pill in her eye (yes you read that correctly) to induce vomiting. Within about two minutes, the entire building smelled like a Willy Wonka nightmare, and my little dog is completely exhausted.

I leave her at the vet with two IV's in her front legs, a catheter, and cone on her head. As I arrive home at 11pm, my two daughters are still awake, looking out the window. They went into a complete panic when they saw no dog in my arms. They ran to the door and I let them know that our Lacey was going to be okay soon.

The next day, I picked up a happy puppy, $500 lighter and vow that another Toblerone will never enter our home. Darn, they're so good!

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