Keeping Kids Entertained in the Winter Months

January 7, 2010

Although the holidays have come and gone, the crisp winter air is here to stay - for a little while anyway! I am thankful for the quality time I’ve spent with my children this winter, but I’m running out of ideas to keep my girls busy. I decided to pull out some of my old Early Childhood Education books to give me some ideas. Just thought I would share them with you!

Indoor Activities:

  • Winter crafts – colouring, painting, sketching
  • Prepare a play or puppet show – set up a ‘stage’ and ‘stage curtain’ where your children can perform this for family members or friends
  • Play board games – winter provides a great opportunity to pull out some of the classics and revisit your youth!
  • Dance – our daughters love to dance to any kind of music. Last night we set up a runway and my daughters did different poses and dances.
  • Bake goodies – I myself am not much of a “baker” so this is a wonderful challenge for me. My children love to make cookies, cupcakes, and other goodies.
  • Work on a jigsaw puzzle – I remember doing this as a child and actually liking it. The cost of puzzles are so reasonable and they are hours of entertainment.
  • Have a tea party – put on your finest attire and serve tea and biscuits. Always a hit at any age.

Outdoor Activities:

  • Play in the snow – build a snow fort or snowman, make a snow angel, go sledding
  • Go for a walk and observe wildlife – visit a local park and explore the differences between winter and summer.
  • Organize a scavenger hunt – make a list of items to collect and set a time limit
  • Ice skate – indoor or outdoor, but there’s nothing like skating outdoors!
  • Make and put up a bird feeder – simple but exciting when you get your first visitor
  • Pretend – explore Antarctica or visit the North Pole!
  • Have a winter picnic – bring warm sandwiches, hot chocolate in a thermos, soup, cookies, and a blanket

Remember that both children and caregivers need to bundle up before going outside; dress in layers and keep your head and ears covered at all times to maintain body heat. Never leave a child playing outside alone and make sure that the play area is close to a warm shelter.

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