Is the nanny the new “mommy”?

May 14, 2009

We had a parent upset this week because her 18-month old started calling her Toronto nanny “mommy”. She felt that because the nanny was with the child full time during the day, that she really thinks that the nanny is her mommy. Well, I can see what why a parent would think this, but I really feel that this is not true.

Remember that a nanny will never replace you. It is common to feel some competition with your nanny or caregiver. Whether you use a childcare centre or an in-home caregiver, you sometimes may worry; “Does my child miss me?” or “Does my child like her more than me?”

Your baby will not start thinking the nanny is you. If your children stop crying when you leave, it is because they trust you and know that you always return. If your child calls your nanny “mommy,” it is likely because he or she sees women as mommies. It is a good thing if your child becomes attached to your nanny. This means that your nanny is providing your child with love and a sense of security. Your children can never have too many people in their lives that support and love them.

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