How-To Hire a Nanny: Part One

January 25, 2010

Hiring a nanny can be a daunting task, especially for the busy parent who needs help. While CanadianNanny.cacan provide you with many nannies in your area, it’s still up to you to decide who the best fit for your family is. To help you through that process, we've made this “How-To” guide, outlining the steps from posting your job to choosing your nanny.

Follow along with our four-part series on “How-To Hire a Nanny” starting with [posting a job](#Step 1) and [searching for nannies](#Step 2) in your city.

Step 1 - Post a Job

Post a job, outlining your requirements. While you’re completely welcome to search through the many profiles of nannies registered with it’s easiest for you if you let the nannies come to you. This way, the nannies that are actively searching for work will be able to review your information, contacting you only if they’re qualified, available, and interested in your position. So post your needs and let the nannies come to you.

Be sure that your job is realistic, not ideal. We understand that when you’re home in the afternoon you take the dog for a walk and clean the house, but the nannies are primarily interested in making sure your child is well cared for. Be sure that your job posting reflects this and try to keep it in perspective; is a French-speaking nanny necessary; can the nanny do her best if she has to juggle housework and homework?

Step 2 - Search for Nannies

There’re many great nannies listed on the site, and you might find that you get a huge response when you first post. You can also search for nannies on the site and review their profile. Simply put in your city or postal code into the search bar at the top of the page and click FIND! Scan through the nannies listed and click Full Profile to view their details. From this list you can filter the search by live-in, live-out, full-time, part-time, occasional, or summer only; you can also change the sort from last login to distance or newest users. Want to narrow the results to better match what you're looking for? Click on Advanced Search and check off the filters you'd like to apply.

Throughout the hiring process, remember that you are hiring an employee, not a new friend. Therefore, pick the best person for the job, not just the person you get along with the best.

Check back next week for part two, choosing who you're interested in.

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