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September 29, 2014

How much do I pay my babysitter?

This is a question that we get every day at Here are some things to ponder when considering a babysitter rate.

Babysitter Rates in Canada

Babysitting rates can vary quite a bit in Canada. In the GTA , the average babysitter wage is $12-16 an hour. In Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton , the average is $14-$17 per hour. Know that at the very least babysitters should be paid the provincial minimum wage - but due to many other factors their pay might be higher.

What Other Factors Should be Considered

The rate is negotiable when you are discussing your position with a potential sitter, and it is based on several factors.

  • Average rate of a babysitter in your area
  • Sitter’s experience and qualifications
  • Type of children requiring care
  • Types of services required
  • Days and hours needed
  • Whether they’ll be taking care of your home (here is a more extensive guide to the cost of a housekeeper).
Average Rate of a Babysitter in your Area

It’s always best to know the typical babysitter rates in your area. Some areas on average will definitely pay their babysitters more than others. A general rule of thumb is that babysitter rates will move in accordance with the socioeconomic status of the neighbourhood. Browse sites like to find the rates babysitters are going for in your area or ask your neighbours!

Sitter’s experience and qualifications

While some sitters lack experience, some have been taking care of children for over a decade. It’s important to compensate baby sitters fairly based on their experience and what skills they bring to the table. The lower the rate…the less the qualification. There are lots of things in life you can go cheap on and care for your children should not be one of those things! Paying a sitter more will assure quality and loyalty. A happy babysitter means happy children. Also, if you offer more, you will have more people interested in your babysitting job. Here are some common babysitter qualifications:


First Aid

  • First Aid is vital for the safety of children
    • nannies with this certification can handle incidents such as choking, burns and heavy bleeding.
  • 54% of sitters have this certification, and charge an average of $11.58.


  • CPR classes provide nannies with the skills to respond to medical, breathing and airway emergencies and properly contact EMS.
  • 53% of sitters have this certification, and charge an average of $11.62.


Early Childhood Educator

  • ECE provides skills for understanding how the child’s mind works and how to maintain the physical and mental health of your child.
  • 19% of sitters have this certification, and charge an average of $12.09.
Type of children requiring care

Not all sitters are comfortable with handling children of all ages. Some sitters are not well trained to deal with putting a newborn to sleep while others don’t interact well with tweens. If you have more than two children, a newborn, or a child with special needs the rate tends to be higher. Below is a list of different age groups that can impact how much you charge your nanny:

  • Newborn ( 0-12 months )
  • Toddler ( 1-3 years )
  • Early School Age ( 4-6 years )
  • Primary School Age ( 7-11 years )
  • Preteen/Teenager ( 12+ years )

Be honest in how much work is required to look after your child. If you know your toddler is currently going through the “terrible twos” or does not warm up to strangers well, you may consider paying your sitter a little more.

Types of services required

Some families are looking for a holistic caregiver who will go beyond simply watching after their child. Here is a list of some common tasks you may consider asking your babysitter to do:

  • Children’s crafts ( 52% babysitters provide this service) Some younger children may need someone to accompany while they colour, draw or craft.
  • Pet Care ( 46% babysitters provide this service) Ask your babysitter if they have any allergies to household pets and if they are comfortable with looking after animals. A babysitter in this case can almost become a petsitter - and should be properly compensated.
  • School Pick-up and Drop-off ( 33% babysitters provide this service) If your babysitter has a license and/or their own vehicle consider asking them to do school pick-ups or drop-offs.
  • Swimming Supervision ( 32% babysitters provide this service) Some kind of swimming certification from the Lifesaving Society may be required.
  • Travel ( 18% babysitters provide this service) Travelling with your babysitter involves careful consideration of their own commitments and may involve much higher pay.
Days and hours needed

When you ask your babysitter for an extended stay ( 8+ hours per day or over 40 hours per week ), you should be ready to provide overtime pay for their long hours worked. Late nights or early mornings can also cost a parent more. If you find that you need a babysitter regularly during the early morning or late night, you should consider getting a nanny-to-share.

Whether they’ll be Taking Care of your Home

Some babysitters just sit downstairs and mind their own business while a child or toddler is sleeping upstairs while others may be running around, busy for the entire duration of their shift. Babysitters are different than nannies and are usually expected to do less household duties. If you are expecting your sitter to do more than normal, you should also expect to pay a babysitter more. Here are some tasks you can ask if your babysitter provides:


  • Light meal preparation ( 51% of sitters provide this service)
  • Light housekeeping ( 42% of sitters provide this service)
  • Laundry ( 38% of sitters provide this service)
  • Run Errands ( 27% of sitters provide this service)
  • Sitter Owns Transportation ( 25% of sitters provide this service)
  • Groceries ( 2% of sitters provide this service)

Make sure that your babysitter is too pre-occupied with housework, leaving them little time to spend with your child. Browse sites like to meet experienced house cleaners if you feel like your family needs one!


If you are interested in knowing the general rate in your area please email us at [email protected], or visit our Contact Us

If you are interested in knowing the general rate in your area please email us at [email protected], or visit our Contact Us page and just ask!

For more information on how much to pay your babysitter read the article: How To Determine What to Pay Your Babysitteron our sister site

If you’re looking for someone to care for your house just as much as for your children, check out our Guide To Great Qualities In A Housekeeper.


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