How much does a housekeeper cost?


In May 2011, the new website was launched, giving families a way to find not only a nanny, babysitter or adult caregiver in one place, but also to find a housekeeper or pet sitter! Some families look for a housekeeper to come for a few hours each week, whereas others are looking for a full-time housekeeper. You can find them all with us!

One of the most popular questions we get about hiring a housekeepers is how much it will cost the family. There are a few factors to consider in order to figure this out:

  • What duties will the housekeeper do?
  • Are they with a maid service?
  • What type of qualifications do you require the housekeeper to have?
  • What's the going rate for housekeepers in your city?

The duties required will determine the qualifications needed by the person you hire. Those that perform light housekeeping duties in your home require less qualifications, and therefore will cost less than a professional cleaner or heavy duty cleaners. Your location will also play a role in the rate, as hiring a housekeeper in London, Ontario will likely cost less than if you hired the same person in Vancouver, British Columbia.

We find that the going rate for a general housekeeper is $15-25 per hour across Canada. If you look at hiring a housekeeper through an agency, the fee will be higher for the agency's services. If the housekeeper provides their own cleaning supplies and equipment, you may find they charge a higher rate for their services compared to if you provided it for them. If it is a pair of housekeepers, they'll have a higher fee - probably double - but in theory they should clean the house in half the time.

Assess what duties will be covered by the housekeeper you hire, and search for people that fit that mold. Talk to your friends, co-workers, and neighbours and find out what they pay for similar services. Discuss the role with the person you're considering hiring and know if you have to provide supplies and/or equipment and if they'll be working alone or with someone. Also discuss with them the preferred method of payment, whether it will be through a company or not, and keep copies of your receipts.

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