Holidays and Your Nanny

November 21, 2014

Over the past few weeks, we have received many emails from parents in regards to their nanny and the holidays. Here are some of the questions we've been asked, and the answers.

Q:  What time does the nanny have off during the holidays?

A:  By law, you are required to give your nanny statutory holidays as a paid day off if they meet the requirements. Any payment beyond this for time off is a wonderful gesture toward the nanny. Additionally, you could provide the nanny with more time off around the holidays in lieu of hiring her for New Years Eve babysitting. Most importantly, discuss the option with your nanny to make sure that her needs are met, while working with your needs. Remember, your nanny may respect different days in the holiday season than you do and this should be respected.

Q:  Do I pay my nanny for statutory holidays?

A:  By law, you are required to five your nanny statutory holidays as a paid day off if they meet the requirements. For details on statutory holidays in your province, please visit your provincial labour relations board website.

Q:  What do I pay a babysitter for babysitting on New Year's Eve?

A:  When you are arranging a sitter for your New Year's Eve functions, remember that it is difficult to find someone, especially as it gets closer to the date. Be prepared to pay $15-20 per hour at a minimum. Also remember that you need to arrange for a safe ride home for the nanny at the end of the evening, in case you are unfit to drive after the party. Alternatively, provide her with somewhere to sleep at your house for the night, especially if you're going to be very late.

Q:  I have a live-in nanny. What do I do with her over the holidays?

A:  We recommend that you have some type of celebration with the nanny and your family, especially if the nanny is from outside the country. For example, have a nice dinner with her and the family and exchange presents. Then, set aside some time to discuss with her the times that are for family celebrations without her, like opening presents on Christmas morning. Make sure this is clear to her, letting her know that when it is your family time, she doesn't need to worry about being there. Assist your nanny during this time if needed, helping her arrange to be with friends or family for those times.

Q:  What is an appropriate gift for the family?

A:  Your family appreciates the services you provide all year, and is grateful for the work you do. Some ideas we've seen is to take a really nice photo of the children and have it framed, or even take a hand painted piece of art by the children and have it framed. We've also seen nannies arrange family photos and have them screened onto a pillow or throw as a gift. But remember, the gift does not need to come with a large price tag. Maybe one afternoon before Christmas, you and the children bake cookies, or make a present together; to the parents, from the nanny and children.

Q:  What is an appropriate gift for my nanny?

A : A few weeks ago, we asked Vancouver nannyEdmonton nanny, and Ottawa nanny what was on their Christmas wish list from their employers. Here is a summary of what we heard:

  • A Christmas Bonus
  • A Gift Card, i.e. restaurant, spa, coffee, etc
  • A Box of Chocolates
  • A Paid Day of Half Day Off
  • A Heartfelt Thank You
  • A Spa Day/Afternoon
  • A Sincere Holiday Card

If you have any other holiday questions, please post a comment in the blog, and we'll be sure to respond.

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