Gifts for your Nanny or Babysitter

December 12, 2011

The other day I was at the neighbourhood park with my kids and talking Christmas gifts with my neighbour. She told me that she purchased a necklace for her nanny from European Jewellry while she was visiting Toronto a few weeks ago. I didn't ask the cost of the gift, but I imagine it wasn't a small price tag. From living in the GTA, I know there isn't anything less than $60 there. I was thinking about this and wondering if this has become the norm.

When asked, I always recommend that you base the gift on your nanny, rather than what your friends are doing for their nanny. Consider what you think she might like and how well you know her, and choose accordingly. Spa visits, chocolates, and gift cards are standard items that are good for this type of gift. Some families choose to give their nanny a monetary bonus at Christmas instead of a gift, allowing the nanny to purchase what she'd like, or put the money to where she needs it most.

What about the children? Your nanny spends a lot of time with them, and would appreciate a little token from them as well. You could take your child out and assist them in getting her a gift, such as a nice coffee mug, or a gift card for coffee or some songs on iTunes, it doesn't have to cost much. Alternatively, you can assist your child in making something special for the nanny. It should be something that the child/children want to give to the nanny, within reason.

I know that most nannies don't necessarily expect anything special from their employer, but are certainly appreciative that you remembered them during this important and busy time of year.

What do you give your nanny or babysitter at Christmas? We'd love to hear your ideas to add to our list!

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