Finding Before and After School Child Care

September 15, 2015

An after-school sitter or nanny can make or break a family’s life.  Choosing the right caregiver can be a very important decision.

Here are some important qualities to look for in a school-age caregiver.

Reliable and Flexible - When meeting with this type of caregiver you will want to ensure that your job works well into her life.  If she is really looking for a full time job do not hire her! Will she have the flexibility in her life to always be there in the mornings and after school?  If you are late due to traffic or a late meeting, is she going to be able to be flexible? Remember, there are Pro-D days and school holidays.  Do you need her to do the odd full day?  You want to discuss these things with her in advance.

Driver - Many children are involved in lessons, sports, and play dates after school.  You may be able to find many nannies that have a Driver’s Licence, but many do not have a car. If they are driving their own car, personally inspect that their vehicle has the proper tether strapping.  Also, complete a driver’s abstract on anyone driving your children, click here for more information.

Food Prep - After-school sitters and nannies need to be prepared with healthy meals and snacks, and have a basic understanding of childhood nutrition.  Many families desire a nanny that can prep family dinners.  Determine her interest and ability to do this when making a hiring decision.

Helping with Homework – Children can have hours of homework in the evening. Having a nanny that can help with this can be marvelous for your family.  It can be challenging to find a nanny that can help with French homework or an older school-age children’s math. Determine how important this is before hiring someone.

Remember before and after school care is usually paid hourly, and traditionally costs more.  To find out more information about the costs, get in touch with our Nanny Payroll & Tax Services team.

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