Finding a Summer Nanny/Babysitter in Canada

April 29, 2009

What a long winter we have had this year! But, signs of spring are showing across the country and that means that summer is just around the corner! Many parents hire a nanny or babysitter just for the summer, while the kids are out of school. Is there any better way for your child to enjoy the freedom of summer?

At we recommend the following to ensure you find the best summer nanny for your family:

  • Start your search now. Yes, we recommend that you figure out what your family needs in advance, and post it sooner than later. Some university students look for nanny jobs for the summer. Since classes are out, they are all looking for jobs now.
  • Determine what you need. Do you need a summer nanny that has a car or can swim? These are important things to know before you interview. If you have a pool and the nanny cannot swim, which is more common that you would think, then she wont’ be a fit for your family.
  • Clarify your vacation time with the nannies you interview. Are you planning to take a vacation away in the summer? It is only fair to mention this in the interview. You also want to ask her if she has any vacation time planned. For those of you who want to take the nanny to the cottage in the summer, make sure you check with her first; some nannies may not be into this.
  • Plan activities that the nanny can take your children to in the summer. Will the nanny be taking your children to swim lessons or baseball camp? Be sure that you have your children signed up for all these activities in advance, before summer starts. When you’re hiring the nanny, you can give her a good idea of what is planned for the summer.
  • Try to have your summer nanny come and babysit a few times before she starts. Why? This allows her to connect with your children and will make the transition in the summer much easier.

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