Finding a Canadian Babysitter for the Summer

May 28, 2014

Now that winter is officially behind us, we can turn to summer and enjoy it! Summer brings all new challenges winter doesn't have, such as kids being out of school for a few months. Without school, what do you do for your kids while you're at work? While some families choose day camps, sleep-away camps, or day cares, other families want their kids to have an unstructured and relaxing summer at home with their siblings. No matter what you choose, your children will enjoy themselves and benefit from it.

If you choose to hire a babysitter for the summer, we recommend you get started now! Babysitters are usually looking for work that starts immediately, and up to one month in advance. That means that there are hundreds of babysitters available for work now and through the summer! A few tips:

  • Define what you're looking for  Live-in or live-out? Part-time, full-time, or occasionally? Need someone who drives? These points help you to narrow down who you're looking for, so you spend less time weeding through what you aren't looking for.
  • Start looking early Now is the time to look and secure child care for the summer, rather than scrambling at the last minute.
  • Discuss vacation times  If you plan to take some time away from home this summer, talk to your potential sitters about it when interviewing. This is also the time to ask if they're taking any vacation so you can plan accordingly.
  • Have a trial period Even if you don't need care until school is out at the end of June, have the babysitter come over for an afternoon to try her out. Have her play with the kids at home while you're getting some gardening done or curled up with a book. See how everyone gets along.

We've posted several tips throughout the years, so take a look at them here:

We have more babysitters available now than ever before (over 10,000 across Canada!), so there's a good selection to choose from! Find your perfect summer babysitter today Babysitting Services. See all of our Babysitter posts here!

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