12 Fun Fall Activity Ideas for the Kids

September 30, 2016

Fall is finally here. The weather is changing, the temperature is starting to take a dip, the leaves are starting to turn and the kids are now well into their back-to-school routine (hopefully). It’s also a busy time of the year for parents as they jump back into their hectic work schedule.

Even though it is busy, there is no doubt that fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year. It is also a fantastic time of the year for activities for the kids. There are all kinds of indoor and outdoor activities that you can do with the kids to keep them active, occupied and having fun.

If you are looking for some fun fall activities for kids of all ages, we have them for you! Check out this list of activities separated into outdoor and indoor activities and add them to your day.

First, we’ll go over 7 outdoor activities. Then we’ll dive into the indoor activities starting at #8 on the list.

Outdoor Fall Activities for Kids

Remember to dress right for the unpredictable Canadian fall weather for these ones.

1. Apple picking

This is the ultimate fall family activity. Pack up the kids in the car and take them to a local apple orchard. It’s great exercise, the kids will learn about how apples are grown, and they can have a healthy snack. Plus, they can pick out some apples so grandma can bake a homemade apple pie!

2. The pumpkin patch

Another perfect outdoor fall activity is taking a trip to the pumpkin patch to pick out your pumpkin for Halloween. Spend the day taking a hayride, working your way through the corn maze, and shopping at the farmer’s market to pick up some local fruits and veggies.

3. Go on a nature walk

Nature is full of things to explore this time of year. With the leaves changing colour and no shortage of animals getting ready for the winter, you will come across countless things that will capture the kids’ imagination.

4. Have a nature scavenger hunt

Take that nature walk to the next level by making it a scavenger hunt. Make a list of items to find and collect as you walk. Check them off as you go, and watch the kids explore.

BONUS: Keep some of the items you find and make nature crafts when you get home.

5. Go to the fair

This time of year there are fairs and carnivals galore. Pack the kids into the car for a fun-filled day of rides and tasty treats. It’s the perfect way to wear them out and ensure they get a good night’s sleep!

6.Rake (and play in) the leaves

While you are outside raking the leaves, get the kids involved. They’ll have mountains of fun helping you rake up huge piles of leaves (and then jumping in them).

7. Go to the drive-in

Before it gets too cold outside, consider taking the kids to the drive-in to watch a movie. It’s a completely different experience than going to the theatre. Don’t forget your popcorn!

Indoor Fall Activities for Kids

Be prepared for when fall weather takes a turn for the worse.

8. Homemade Halloween costumes

The kids will love this idea. Once you know what they want to be for Halloween, take them to the local thrift shop or supply store to pick out the materials and items for their costume.

You’ll have a great time watching the kids’ creativity come to life and create a costume they will be proud of. Plus, it’s easier on the wallet!

Get some great costume ideas by reading: 15 Clever & Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

9. Bake a pumpkin pie

There is nothing more delicious than a homemade pie. Rather than doing it yourself, get the kids involved and let them help you with the baking. They’ll not only learn about the ingredients that go into the pie, they will also pick up some lessons about cooking (and cleaning) in the kitchen.

For some advice on how to how to have fun with kids in the kitchen read: How to Get Kids Involved in the Kitchen

10. Board games!

If the weather is crummy outside, one of the best ways to pass the time and have fun doing so is to play board games with the kids. Let them choose their favourite game or try teaching them a new one. You’ll have hours of fun. Invite some friends or family over and make a day of it.

11. A trip to the library

Kids love the library, and it’s a great way to spend an afternoon on the weekend or evening after school. Many libraries have story time and other activities that the kids will love. Plus, they’ll have the chance to pick out a book or two to bring home and read before bedtime.

12. Decorate the house for Halloween

Kids love Halloween – everything about it, including decorating the house. So pull out all the decorations and let them help you decorate the house.

For even more indoor activities idea for the kids read: 8 Absolutely Awesome Ways to Get Kids Active Indoors


Fall is a great time of the year. With the [kids back in school](**link to back to school) and with you busy at work, you need some fun-filled activities to help you relax and enjoy some family time. Plus, these are all great activities that the kids can do with a nanny or babysitter, as well.

For even more Activity Ideas for Kids check out the Activities for Kids section of our blog!

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