Earth Day and Kids

April 19, 2012

Earth Day is this Sunday, and it seems it gets more attention each and every year, which is so great! My family and I look forward to celebrating every year!

This year, our goal has been to use less energy every day, and turn things off when we're not using them. My youngest daughter has a hard time remembering to turn off the lights when she leaves the room, but I'm sure that after the 3,000th time she'll remember, right? ...Right?? 

This year, we've committed to planting 50 trees at our cabin; so far we've planted 20. We were able to purchase tree saplings at our local nursery, but there are lots of websites where you can purchase them online.

Have you seen this great idea? Evergreen Memories is a Canadian webiste that offers earth-friendly event favors and gifts. I had a chance to meet Margot Woodworth, the founder, in Vancouver at the recent Meet the Dragon event. I think this is a wonderful idea!

The other day, I was reviewing the Kaboose website and found these books to be very interesting for young readers.

  • Under One Rock: Bugs, Slugs and Other Ughs
  • The Wildlife ABC and 123: A Nature Alphabet and Counting Book
  • Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See?
  • Hallow of My Heart
  • Earth Day Birthday
  • Amazing Whale! (I Can Read Book 2)

As parents, we are responsible for making sure our kids remember Earth Day, and enjoyed by the whole family. So, snuggle up with a book or plant a tree this weekend!

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