Earth Day

March 25, 2009

Earth day is an important event that all Canadians should take part in one way or another. I would love to use this blog to create a list of things that parents and nannies across Canada do to help the environment.

Here are a few things that my staff and I have done:

  1. I now send all my kids' lunches in Tupperware containers. At first, I was having difficulty getting the containers back and having to replace them all the time. So I purchased labels from and put labels on all of the containers that leave our home. Their labels are fantastic and they have not faded and are completely dishwasher proof.  Just putting labels on lunch things has saved us time and money. And is really a unique way to be environmental!
  2. I always bring re-useable bags on every grocery trip. We actually try and to keep them in our car so we do not forget them. Really, these bags hold more than plastic ones and are easier to carry. We also use them for other things, like beach days, soccer gear, etc. They're so durable and strong! The kind that I have are actually made from old plastic bags, and they are completely washable!
  3. For the business, we turn everything off at the end of the day: computers, radios, space heaters (which also cut the energy bill), and lights. We also re-use paper wherever we can, and recycle what we can't.
  4. My family has our own herb and vegetable garden in the back yard. We have a small backyard, but we are making a larger space for a vegetable garden this year. Hey if the Obama’s can do it why not us! The kids also love helping with the gardening and get a real kick out of it when we pick lettuce and make a salad with it right away!
  5. Garburators are not actually environmentally friendly; despite what I previously thought. I didn't know that until this year. Since garburators need a considerable amount of water to run properly, they place a strain on treatment plants and negatively impact aquatic life. Before we were using the garburtor several times a day, now we have greatly decreased that.

Well parents and nannies what about you? What have you done this year to improve the environment? What are you planning to do? Want to read all of Martha's Blogs?

~ Remember: Earth Hour 2009 is this  Saturday, March 28th. Turn out the lights for  one hour  at 8:30pm local time, and join millions of people worldwide in saving the planet! ~

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