Early Autism Signs

April 2, 2013

In both my personal life and professional life, I have been involved with children with Autism. It is essential that both caregivers and parents look for signs of Autism in the children we care fore. Early intervention is very important.

According to AutismCanada.org, there are often early signs of Autism. Here are a few of them:

  • Language : the child may begin to develop language skills then loses it, or doesn't develop language skills at all
  • Hearing : the child may appear to have hearing issues, possibly too sensitive to sounds, or not sensitive at all
  • Tantrums : while all children have tantrums, a child with autism may be difficult to console
  • Diet : the child will only eat one or two things
  • Play : the child will engage in very little or no imaginative play, and have no interest in playing with other children

Do you see any of these early signs in the child you are caring for? Nannies and caregivers should bring any concerns they have about the child’s development to the parents. There is a good chance that they parents have noticed that certain developmental milestones haven’t been met. However, never use the word autism to a parent when the child has not been assessed. Although we can look at the signs present, it is always important for the professionals to make the diagnosis. 

Families and caregivers caring for children with autism can find additional resources at:

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