Date Night

September 10, 2010

Now that we’re all settling into our routines with September in full swing and the kids back at school, many parents are thinking of re-establishing a schedule for themselves. One thing considered may be to have one night a week to go out as a couple, removing themselves from the roles of “Mom” and “Dad” for a few hours.

Personally, I think that just being husband and wife for a few hours a week can be a great thing for your relationship. My husband and I try to go out alone together once a week – to spend time with each other, not running errands or doing something for the kids. Occasionally, we’ll go out for dinner or a movie, or we keep it low cost and just go out for coffee or to Chapters for a few hours. Although we try to avoid talking about the kids and have ‘adult’ conversations, we usually do end up talking about them. But the point is, we still manage to take the time to be out together.

On Thursday, at the same time every week, our babysitter comes over. We pay her for at least four hours to make it worth her while coming over. Sometimes, we’ll stay out later than usual, but we’ll always giver her advance notice and pay her for any additional hours. She has a routine she’s set up, and when the girls go to bed, she does her homework until we get home (she’s in university studying...). We try to keep it simple, which works for everyone

Some weeks, we’re tired and I think about calling it off for the week because it’s easier to stay home. But, we rarely cancel our night out. I believe that keeping everyone – my husband, our two girls, and the sitter – on routine is essential.

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