Canadian Babysitter Rates

June 18, 2014

While many of us can remember babysitting of days gone by - the teen down the street eating pizza and watching movies while the kids slept on Friday night - it's much different now. No longer are babysitters paid a few bucks an hour just to be in the home while the parents enjoy some child-free time outside of the home. 

Many babysitters in Canada are highly qualified individuals with a repertoire of things to keep the kids busy while you're out of the home. Of the 10,000 babysitters we have, many of them have ECE education, are education students, or daycare workers. They're usually more interested in doing some age-appropriate activites/games/crafts with your children than plunking them down with a movie.

With such skills, you can expect to pay an adequate wage for it. On the west coast, a Vancouver babysitter charges between $12-15/hour. A Calgary babysitter is more in the $13-16/hour range, while a Toronto babysitter is $12-15/hour. As always, the specific rate depends on what your needs are, what type of qualifications the babysitter has, and sometimes the number of hours needed or the distance she needs to travel to your home. These are just general guidelines, and babysitters will post their desired wage in their profile, which you can discuss with them directly.

What do you pay your babysitter, and what type of things do they do with your child?

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