Bringing your Nanny Traveling

August 26, 2014

Throughout the year, families take holidays or vacations with their children. Many parents who have a nanny consider bringing their nanny with them. A lot of nannies are interested in this, as it gives them the opportunity to see places they haven't yet traveled to, or stay in accommodations they are normally unable to afford.

To make the trip run smoothly, there are some guidelines that should be put in place in advance.

  • The nanny should have adequate free time when they are able to enjoy themselves, and this should be outlined in advance. Will the nanny be working fewer hours than normal? 
  • Adjust the nanny's work hours to accommodate your needs. If you would like her to cover evenings so you can go out to dinner, she should have part of the day to herself.
  • The wage should be arranged in advance for the child care she is providing. If she will be making less money than usual, she needs to be aware of this so she can plan accordingly.
  • The family should expect to pay for all travel expenses on behalf of the nanny; flight, accommodations, and food. When other costs are incurred during the vacation, such as museum admission and other attractions, it is common that the family covers this cost, particularly if it is a family+nanny outing, or the nanny takes the children.

Sometimes, it is awkward for a nanny to be around the family while on vacation. If everyone is together, who do the children listen to? Who tends to a crying baby? We've heard horror stories of vacation tips being ruined because there are too many adults in charge (or not enough!) By sorting out these details in advance, everyone is clear on their roles, including the children.

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