Back up Child Care Solutions

November 6, 2014

What do you do when your nanny has taken some time off, or calls in sick? It can be stressful, but create a back-up plan to make it a bit easier on yourself.

  • Make family your #1 choice
    • using family is a great choice because they are already familiar with your child, and your child is likely comfortable with them. Older family members, like grandparents and aunts, would be delighted with the idea of looking after your little one for the day, and your child may enjoy the change.
  • Look online
    • we have over 50,000 caregivers registered on looking for work in Canada. Many are between jobs and would be happy to fill in for the day.
  • Have an on-call list
    • interview and check references of people you're comfortable with and have them on an on-call list, so when your nanny has a sick day, you can call someone else to cover. When you hire someone with short notice, be prepared to pay at least 30% more.
  • Friends
    • maybe you have a friend that is a stay-at-home mom or know someone with a nanny that could take another child for the day.
  • Day care centre
    • many centres can take children on a drop-in basis, even if for just part of the day. If there is one in your area, we recommend touring it in advance and filling in any required paperwork, making drop-ins a breeze.
  • Your workplace
    • some workplaces have partnerships with child care centres or emergency child care organizations. Speak to your HR department for details.

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