Babysitter Frustration The National Post Wants to Hear from You!  

December 7, 2011

Sarah Boesveld, a reporter from the National Post is writing an article and wants to hear from you! If you live in Toronto, read on...

I’m hoping to speak with parents who have had frustrating experiences gaining access to a babysitter, whether it be now or at some point in the past. Teenagers in your neighbourhood been too busy or seeking other employment? Or maybe you were kind enough to share a babysitter with a friend/neighbour/acquaintance and now they’re always tied up? As we head into the holiday season – prime time for sitters - I’m just taking a quick look at how the sitting landscape has changed. It’d be great to have a short phone interview, ideally tomorrow (Thursday Dec 8) as the story will run in Saturday’s paper.

Please post a comment below if you're interested (include your email address, it won't be posted), and we'll be in touch to connect you with Sarah.

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