Fire Safety Tips for Babysitters & Nannies

October 9, 2014


As a caregiver it is your responsibility to know ways to prevent any accident from happening. Here are some fire safety tips:



  • Never smoke or use candles while babysitting. Ensure all matches and lighters are removed from reach and are put up very high, so children cannot see them.
  • Portable heaters should have a safety warning sound when touched. Make sure these heaters are at least 2 metres away from any fabrics and paper. Try and keep them far away from drapes and bedding.
  • Are there smoke detectors? Local fire departments often offer free services on supplying and installing.
  • Is there a fire extinguisher? Is it full? Do you know how to use it? If there is only one, it should be located in the kitchen.
  • Turn pot handles inward, and never leave food cooking unattended.
  • Never put metal in the Microwave
  • Have all emergency numbers posted on the fridge and on your cell phone. If it is a long list, simply take a picture of it.


Escape Plan:

  • Take a tour of the home. Know the exits.

  • Ask the parents if there is an escape plan. Do the children know it?
  • If the family lives in an apartment or condo ask where the stairs are…never take an elevator in case of a fire.


We know that occasional accidents can happen through no fault of your own.  Please remember to never, under any circumstances, re enter a burning building to rescue belongings.  Once you and the children are safely outside, stay outside until the fire department says it is okay to return to the home.

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