Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids

September 9, 2014

When both parents are working, the last thing they want to do when they get home is clean the house. Many parents will tell you that it seems like they can't clean up the messes as fast as they're made! Whether you are a nanny or a parent, the best thing you can do is enlist the help of the kids. Not only will it help to keep the clutter and mess down, but it will also teach them the importance of cleaning up after themselves.

Here are some age appropriate chores for all ages.


Rewards like stickers can go a long way to reward your little helpers!
  • Help make the beds
  • Pick up toys, books, and clothing
  • Put dirty laundry in the washing machine
  • Feed pets food and water
  • Water plants
  • Wipe up their messes
  • Match socks and put them away


One task at a time is the only way this will work, as well as having a predictable way to clean, such as labelled bins. A positive reward system is very important, rather than getting angry when something is done incorrectly.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables
  • Set and clear table
  • Put dirty dishes in the dishwasher
  • Make their own bed
  • Clean their room


Children of this age may or may not retain their enthusiasm for completing chores they once had. What they do have is a strong desire to be independent. Help them to be independent with their chores by setting up a chore chart to keep track of their responsibilities, both completed and pending.
  • Any of the chores listed for younger age groups
  • Regular duties; i.e. vacuuming the living room each Wednesday
  • Unloading the dishwasher and putting dishes away
  • Sweeping and mopping floors
  • Dusting
  • Full care of pets i.e. changing litter box, going on short walks


Children of this age will expect an allowance. Some parents keep a checklist of chores for the week and once all is completed, the agreed amount of allowance is paid out.
  • Any of the chores listed for younger age groups
  • Clean the interior and wash the exterior of the car
  • Rake leaves
  • Clean bathroom
  • Full set-up of table
  • Load washer and dryer
  • Make themselves simple meals such as grilled cheese, pancakes, mac-and-cheese, etc

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