Adding a Puppy to Your Home

April 14, 2014

When bringing home a new puppy, you should take steps to make the puppy comfortable and at ease during the transition, as it's prone to be a very stressful event in their life.

A few years ago, we offered up these tips for making the transition easier:

  1. Feed the puppy the same food it's currently eating, at the same schedule. If you don't know what kind of food and the schedule, choose a high quality puppy food and follow the recommended feeding instructions on the package.
  2. Take a blanket or stuffed toy to the breeder the first time you go to see the litter (if going through a breeder). When you choose your new puppy, see if you can leave the blanket there until you pick them up to bring them home. This way, it will smell familiar, and give them comfort in their new home.
  3. Have a designated sleeping space for your new puppy at home, and make sure you use it. A crying puppy can be hard to listen to, but if you let them sleep elsewhere (like your bed), it will come to expect this. 

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