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Finding a Summer Nanny/Babysitter in Canada

by Martha Scully  •  April 29, 2009
What a long winter we have had this year! But, signs of spring are showing across the country and that means that summer is just around the corner! Many parents hire a nanny or babysitter just for the summer, while the kids are out of school. Is there any better way for your child to enjoy the freedom of summer? At we recommend the following to ensure you find the best summer nanny for your family:
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Advice for Caregivers

Recession and Nannies in Canada

by Martha Scully  •  March 31, 2009
Yesterday, did a story on how the childcare industry is being affected by the recession. The article reports that nanny agencies are reporting a 45% decrease in business due to the current state of the economy. Apparently, the recession is affecting nannies, babysitters, and day care centres in the United States. As with other aspects of the recession, the US has been hit harder than Canada. has not seen a large decrease in the number of families looking for nannies a...
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Martha's Blog

Earth Day

by Martha Scully  •  March 25, 2009
Earth day is an important event that all Canadians should take part in one way or another. I would love to use this blog to create a list of things that parents and nannies across Canada do to help the environment.
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Birthday Parties

by Martha Scully  •  March 10, 2009
I am deep in the heart of birthday season. For my husband and I, we have reflected on our daughters birthdays and have decided to scale back. The reason for this is that we feel that children’s parties have gotten out of control. There is pressure to make the party bigger and better than the year before. My youngest daughter wants to invite the entire city to her birthday. Some parents feel that the party should be memorable, fun, and overall the perfect experience that everyone will talk abo...
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Is your body art keeping you unemployed?

by Martha Scully  •  February 19, 2009
On we had a parent who was asking about tattoos. She had interest in a nanny and she found the nanny was warm, fun, and overall a wonderful person. But she was concerned because the nanny has tattoos are her arms and back of her neck. She was worried about the impression this would leave on the children. She also wondered if this represented anything about the nanny. She was considering not hiring the nanny based on the tattoo issue, and wanted to know what I thought.
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TV and Other Electronics for Kids and Caregivers

by Martha Scully  •  February 10, 2009
I just read a study about young children and TV. It stated that children between ages 4 and 7 spend about 14 hours a week in front of screens. As we all know, this has influenced a generation of children that have various weight, health, and behavioral issues. As I was once a caregiver for other families and as a parent now, I feel very strongly about TV and electronics. They should not be used as a babysitter. For parents, nannies, and babysitters in Canada, it is your shared responsibility ...
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