Antz In Your Pantz - Savings for Oakville Nannies and Families

by Martha Scully

Antz In Your Pantz ( is 5,500 square feet of indoor playground space devoted to having fun. Built for children age 7 and under, who have hours of fun with slides, climbers, lookout structures and climbing walls. Toddlers and infants have a secure place of their own with exersaucers, play mats and developmental toys reserved just for them.

Caregivers are pampered too! We have comfy leather seating, free WiFi, a large screen tv and complimentary coffee and tea.

Located in Oakville, Ontario, Antz is a great place to bring kids during the cold, winter months. We've won numerous awards from Oakville during our three years of operation. Our address is 407 Speers Road, Units 15/16 and we can be reached at (905) 844-2689.

We'd like to offer providers affiliated with Canadian Nanny in and around the Oakville area a special promotional rate. Providers will receive a $2 discount per child, when they bring three or more children over age 1 to Antz. Getting this promotion is simple, providers just register with us and the discount will apply every time they visit.

Our weekday public play hours are Tuesday - Friday from 9:15am - 3:00pm.

Oakville Nannies and Families, consider Antz In Your Pantz this winter!

Antz In Your Pantz -
407 Speers Road, Units 15/16
Oakville, ON
(905) 844-2689

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About the Author
Martha Scully
Martha is the founder of Martha has been featured as a Child Care Expert in hundreds of publications across Canada including The Globe and Mail, CBC, Today's Parent and The National Post, She lives in British Columbia with her husband and two daughters.